Team Advisor

The mission of the National Student Leadership Conference is to provide a safe and supportive environment which encourages students to explore their academic and career interests while developing leadership skills essential for their success.
Since 1989, tens of thousands of outstanding high school students from across the United States and more than 70 countries have come to the NSLC for an incredible opportunity to share, discuss and debate issues that affect them, our nation and our world. The NSLC’s unique, curriculum-based leadership conferences have given our students the opportunity to explore the qualities of great leaders and get an insider’s perspective on some of today’s most exciting and important professions.
As a Team Advisor at NSLC Game Design, my goal was turning someone's love for gaming into a prospective career. During the immersive ten day session, I facilitated labs and lectures diving into a world of 3D characters, animation, sound effects, and game design for video games. In each session participants learned the mechanics of game creation, including scripting, level development, lighting, sound effects and programming while using leading industry software. 
During my time at NSLC, I served three whole sessions spanning from University of California Los Angeles all the way to American University. Within each session, I mentored student development teams into creating completed game demos. Part of my role was being a resource and sharing my wisdom with future developers. With that, I helped participants understand more on prospective degrees as incoming college graduates. 
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