Students Together Are Reaching Success or S.T.A.R.S. reach out to first-year students interested in the holistic support that the Office of Multicultural Student Success provides. A peer mentor in the program serves as an academic mentor, an advocate, and a resource for ten to fifteen students that are assigned to them as mentees. The mentees are first year DePaul students that are either the first in their families to go to college, are from low-income families, or are students of color. 
During the school year I'm an academic mentor, advocate, and a resource for 32 students in the STARS program. I do bi weekly one on one check ins on how they are doing and figure out ways to make their transition in college amazing. Being such a large group, I sometimes plan events for all of us to do in order to create community. Some become best friends while others network with each other for future projects. Over the school year, its my job to see these amazing mentees grow into successful students as well.
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