Festival Logo Design

The Fusion Yoga Music Festival is a yearly event held within Naperville, IL that covers yoga in many forms. The cultural manager outreached to me asking to create a marketable logo that can be used for their social media, events, and more. Things they asked in the logo were themes like free will, nature, and peace. The general idea of fully being one with nature.
My task was to create a simple, yet unique logo that tells the audience, "This is Fusion Yoga Music Festival". I went with the curve like font as a way to portray the flexibility and ongoing movement in yoga. Avoiding serifs and hard edges were my priority. Deciding on how intricate this logo should be as well became a key factor. For the main color, I stuck with green since its the color easiest for our eyes to stare at and it symbolizes earth. I went with the two shaded design as a way to signify yin and yang, which is about balance and harmony. The overall idea of this logo is to portray being in a state of nature to my audience.
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