Global Game Jam

From the 2017 Global Game Jam, this game is about being a little hermit crab trying to get the largest shell. The obstacle players encounter is the large wave pushing them back and forth. In order to conquer this and reach the largest shell, they must hide underneath smaller shells against the current.
The amazing team on this project!
For "Life's A Beach", I was the lead designer and artist for the team. The team and I wanted to portray a polished gameplay loop that consisted of local play and fun. Our goal for the 48 hour game jam was to make something off the theme of "Waves". I really liked the concept of challenging an endless cycle of obstacles which eventually led to hermit crabs moving from shell to shell. Since this was a jam, I wanted to try doing a style inspired by Mayan visuals. Each part of the crab was manually rigged inside of Unity 5 and animated to test out its functionality. 
A preview of players chasing the king shell
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