Co-Founder (2013 - Present)
The Game Design course at Hinsdale Central uses a game engine and visual programming to learn aspects of game design. Students learn character design, level design, interface design, game-play best practices, and beta testing procedures. Rather than learn theory alone, students create a variety of arcade-style games to apply their learning. The class culminates with students developing an original multi-level game of their own design. 
As students design their games, they also learn to create associated industry-standard technical documents such as a pitch, game concept, and game planning document. Working in teams to complete their final games, students practice team building, leadership, and complex project management skills.
Upon graduating high school, the program decided to create their first ever Game Design program inspired by my work there. Over time I mentored the program and helped transform it into a whole year class covering independent development, group dynamics, fundamental pipelines, vertical slices, and much more. What these students do now overlap with what I would consider university standards for game development.
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