Hinsdale Central's Game Design Course was an expasion of its Graphics and Communications Department for open electives. Co Founded by Josh Delson and Michael Cousineau, the course became a year long program of creating art assets, general programming, and game production.
Each month, I check in with the school's teacher on how the students' progress is going. Whenever there are struggles or problems, I use my personal knowledge and resources to help the class. Once a quarter, I'm invited as a guest speaker to share my experience in school and give a lecture on a related game development topic.
In the course, I tend to give feedback on the class structure and occasionally give my input on how workflow is going. It started using Adobe Flash Professional, but after expanding the resources online I swapped the program into GameMaker. The flow of the class is to individually teach skills then individually choose which ones a student wants to polish. This eventually leads to the concept of different roles in the classroom like design, art, and programming. Once students start getting comfortable with their roles, Michael and I structured the course into solo game development that transitions into group development. Solo development is for general exercises when making games, but group development is when teams encounter and actual "client". The goal of this course is to have students be able to use these work ethics and skills towards jobs outside of high school. 
Hinsdale Central High School
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