IGOROTDO is a book about the hidden culture of the Philippine's Mountain Provinces. An area secured from Spain's 500 year invasion, soon to be helped by the US during the war. The writer, Rexcrisanto Delson, outreached to me for a book design upon my high school graduation. The job requirements consisted of two months to create a design that hints the overall story, tone, and emotions given within the book.
Starting this project I focused on the core of what the warriors in the Mountain Province were known for. Researching online and at museums, I learned that they were known as head hunters in the early days. I used this concept as a way to decide the tone which led to using red as a bold and strong color. IGOROTDO was a book about someone learning their past as well, which gave me the idea of evolution of man. After brainstorming and various design pitches, I came to an answer. In the design there became the idea of the overall "warrior" that had other beings inside of it which made it whole. I stuck with using only three colors for the book to make the visual statement strong and concrete as well.
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