Logos + Illustrations

In my free time I create concept artwork for things I am interested in. From there I turn my sketches and designs into digital illustrations. This was inspired from rapid protoyping which I wanted to implement with graphic design. Creating side projects is a helpful way in making sure I can practice software tools and also making sure I do not forget how to use them.

Geometric art style with Naruto Shippuden & Dragon Ball Z

Typographic Poster inspired by The Great Gatsby marketing

Pokemon inspired Redbull branding

Typography poster of quote from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Square Enix Crossover Logo

Square Enix Crossover Logo continued...

Pokemon Go Parody Splash Screen

Iron Giant Fan Poster

Shirt design for the Focolare Movement's global event

Personal Business Card Design

Starbucks Parody for University Event

Anime Crossover Graphic Art

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