Growing up I dreamed of making a game for the iPod, but that changed once smart phones became the norm. After doing research, I learned that there would soon be a whole generation of core gamers on the mobile market. As a student, I wanted to polish my skills to accommodate that future market. My college didn't offer or endorse the market of mobile games so I decided to experiment with smart phones in my free time. 
For three weeks, my friend and I spent a couple hours a week trying to design an experience only smart phones can handle. This led to My Little Darling, a satire of pet simulators where the player takes care of an average orange. It was really fun researching what smart phones could do in 2015. We learned a lot about creating optimized art for mobile games and the importance of UI/UX design. A major highlight was getting the new gyroscope function working on My Little Darling. We learned players loved spinning the phone around to move the orange was the major highlight, but adding pet simulator functions onto it made the game twice as fun.
This project made me realize that graphics aren't everything in a game and to focus on what makes it fun first. I was able to understand why so many people saw a future of mobile games. In a few years, phones will be able to port PS2 video games to smart phones and I want to be a part of that industry. I really hope that more companies/schools realize this too and focus more time on the future of the mobile market.

Gameplay Footage of Prototype

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