What is Operation Anthill?
Operation Anthill was a strong altered state VR toy where players are ants roaming the tunnels of an ant hill! Originally made for the Oculus Rift DK2, Operation Anthill was a remake for the Extra Credits Game Jam #5. The area consists of dark gritty walls and other ants like yourself. In this experience, you are walking through the tunnel which leads to a whole new place environment. What is it? We don't even know...

Tools Used: Unity 2019, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Adobe Animate, Slack, GitHub, Google Drive
Development Timeline: August 2019 - September 2019
Team Members: Don Herweg (Programmer), Grayson Ducker (Artist), Daniel Kim (Sound Designer)
What was my role?
● Overlooked the creative vision of the team and ensure milestones are met
● Designed the logo and design a user experience from Oculus DK 2 to modern day VR headset
● Publish the project on the Google Play Store and optimized files for release
● Coordinated weekly playtest sessions to analyze the the Oculus DK2 and Google Cardboard capabilities
● Researched the limitations of the device to ensure the best user experience
My Artwork
Gameplay Video
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