My first time working in Virtual Reality (VR) was when I accidentally destroyed an Oculus Rift DK1 in 2015. I spent 10 weeks with the goal of expanding the creative limitations with various VR headsets. Most of the projects were experimental which used accessories and ritualistic-like inspirations. During that time, the market wasn't saturated yet so the prototype possibilities were limitless. It was a weird time, but fun!
One of my highlighted projects was for the Oculus Rift DK2, but with so many headset changes I proposed a remake for the Extra Credits Game Jam #5. This led to Operation Anthill for the Google Carboard. I designed this experience as a strong altered state VR toy where players are ants roaming the tunnels of an ant hill. Its not like most VR games in the marketplace, but was designed to be an uncomfortable toy. Most players described Operation Anthill with dramatically different design directions and narrative theming from the other VR games. Others just said it was plain out weird, but not in a bad way. The positive feedback from my experimental design decisions really meant a lot!
This VR project will always remind me to always experiment outside of the norm. From my first time doing VR in 2015 until now, the VR market has grown exponentially and I really hope to see weird ideas in the future.

Gameplay Footage of the 2019 remake

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