The Rose Valley Jam is a game jam event for the Pasadena Unified School District. A game jam is similar to a hackathon, but focused on a weekend of game development while being mentored by industry professionals (Electronic Arts - EA). The weekend brings students together to experience the fundamentals of game development, contributing to the design, programming, audio, or art of their project. It is all condensed into a weekend development cycle of collaboration, innovation, and learning. The Rose Valley Jam encourages students of all backgrounds to participate and contribute to this amazing event of game development and creativity.
As an Events Specialist at Electronic Arts (EA), I plan and execute the Rose Valley Jam for the Government of Pasadena, California. The events specialist serves directly under the CEO Alex Seropian (Founder of Bungie, Wideload Games, and Industrial Toys) and overlooks community manager to identify event goals for the upcoming year. This includes financial logistics, expanding partnerships, overlooking promotional/social media material, and much more. 

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