Service Immersions are opportunities to travel to different cities and join communities in service and justice work. Each year over 160 DePaul students dedicate their breaks to service, reflection, simplicity, community, spirituality and social justice. There they have the opportunity to serve, live, and build relationships with marginalized communities throughout the world.

"What must be done?" is our Vincentian question. On a Service Immersion I facilitate and overlook participants in learning firsthand what it means to be a Vincentian in Action and how to live out DePaul’s mission of service and justice. Integrated throughout the immersion experience is the ways of awareness/appreciation, dialogue and solidarity. It is in these experiences that I inspire growth and change in a way that resonates back home through the sharing of stories and action toward systemic change.​​ During my time with this program I participated within various marginalized locations.
Each time we spent the week working with various communities. This included contributing to the 50th Anniversary March from Selma to Montgomery, repairing homes in New Orleans still affected by it climate, reconnecting with El Salvador's modern child guerrilla warfare, and living while understanding the simplicity with Colombia's homeless communities.

Montgomery 2015 Participants

New Orleans 2016 Participants

El Salvador 2016 Participants

Colombia 2017 Participants

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