Created as a student capstone, use your celestial powers to move objects in the world and bring back the great animal constellations of the world.  Orion, the famed hunter, sought to fracture the stars of all the animal constellations in the world. However the elusive fox constellation was able to escape his wrath and take shelter in the sanctuary of the stars, Artemis' observatory. As this fox, use your celestial powers to restore your fellow animal constellations to their former glory. Be warned though, while you can transfer your power to move objects in the world, even stars have their limits.
Created within 15 weeks, this project was for DePaul University's 2017 Game Development Capstone. Members on this project went through countless interviews and were hand picked out of the program by their scope of work, work ethics, recommendations, and more. The team brainstormed, pitched, and prototyped over one hundred different ideas. Each covering a different spectrum of the game market and projects members were passionate about making. During this time, each member were mentored by industry & indie veterans in order to see a larger perspective of creating a functional & successful experience.

Creative director, designer, and environment artist for this project. Being in a small team with little experience, my role was to maximize each member's unique strength in order to make development sun smoothly. The team consisted of one character artist & animator, an environment artist, two designers, two programmers, & one audio person. Towards the beginning, my role was breaking down the game and documenting key features for each member to understand how our game works. With that, being a creative thinker I helped design the player mechanic within reasonable scope. With a team of seven always come creative conflict and I compromised each members' ideas to find a common ground.
After the general design phase, I created the all the terrain assets based off our concept art. I sketched all the pieces out within a day, then made the 3D models the night after. The programs I used were Maya and Mudbox in order to make sure my art functions smoothly in Unity. The mood board for this project consisted of gorgeous games (Naut, Ori and the Bling Forest, Sacramento, Orchid to Dusk, etc) basically influencing our overall project's environment. Since we were a small team, we tried making a visually simple product based on our love for color palettes and PlayStation 2 like graphics . Overall, my role was to make sure everything I do for my team functioned correctly in our main build.  
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