Producer & Artist (2016 - 2017)
GAZE is a student capstone game where Orion, the famed hunter, sought to fracture the stars of all the animal constellations in the world.  Vulpecula, the elusive fox constellation was able to escape his wrath and take shelter in the sanctuary of the stars, Artemis' observatory. Players use their celestial powers in the game to restore the fellow animal constellations to their former glory. Be warned though, while in game the players can transfer their power to move objects in the world, even stars have their limits.
I made sure this project was in scope and inline with the artistic vision. Being this the first time making a larger project for the whole team, I ensured that the design of our game play was simple while unique. With that, I went out of my way in creating all the environment assets in creating a nice aesthetic for the game.
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