Josh Delson is a game developer, event coordinator, and teacher with +5 years of experience in project management. He created a multimillion dollar game design program, helped release various festival recognized indie games, and organized game events across the country. Josh recently produced Battlefield Mobile from the ground up and helped its studio receive GameIndustryBiz's 2022 Health And Wellness Award. Outside of work he likes to speak at universities and industry events including the Game Developers Conference.
Oct 2023 - Meet Josh Delson, CanvasRebel.com
Oct 2023 - Breaking Into The Industry, California State Polytechnic University
Mar 2023 - Game Production Fundamentals, University of California Riverside
Mar 2022 - Building A Game Portfolio, ArtCenter College of Design
Dec 2021 - Business In Game, Tufts University
Oct 2021 - Meet Josh Delson The Game Developer, ShoutoutLA.com
Aug 2020 - Building A Game Portfolio, DePaul University
Mar 2020 - GDC Summer 2020 Experimental Gameplay Workshop, GDCVault.com
Jan 2020 - Meet Josh Delson in Pasadena, VoyageLA.com
Aug 2019 - Extra Credits Game Jam 3 Kickoff, ListenNotes.com
Jun 2019 - Breaking Into The Industry, University of Seattle Washington
Apr 2019 - Rapid Prototyping & Game Jams, Caltech
Jan 2019 - ALT.CTRL.GDC Showcase: OVERTIME, GameDeveloper.com
Jun 2018 - Breaking Into The Industry, American University
Nov 2017 - Meet Josh Delson In Chicago, VoyageChicago.com
Jun 2017 - Breaking Into The Industry, University of California Los Angeles
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