Hi! I'm Josh Delson.

About Me
Josh is an award winning game developer, teacher, event coordinator, and public speaker with +5 years of experience in project management. He pursued the game industry after his high school created a game design program after Josh.
As a game developer Josh has worked on various award winning indie games and moved to Pasadena to greenlight Battlefield Mobile at Electronic Arts (EA). During his time at EA, Josh produced every weapon, vehicle, destructible, map, and sound effect for the new game. Josh also helped the studio grow into 125 developers within two years and created its studio culture which received GameIndustryBiz’s 2022 Health & Wellness Award.  Currently Josh is running his own game studio, Unexpected Accessories LLC, on an unannounced project.
As an event coordinator Josh has organized numerous game festivals, workshops, and conferences like the Bit Bash Chicago, MAGFest, and the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Currently Josh is a Board Member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) in charge of rebooting its LA chapter and helps with GDC as a jury member for Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCA).
As a teacher Josh has created numerous high school and college game design curriculums for thousands of students across the globe. Using his expertise, he created the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC)'s multimillion dollar game program, founded the educational hackathon Rose Valley Jam in partnership with the City of Pasadena, and built local game design programs across the City of Chicago. He has mentored hundreds of students in his career and has helped dozens of individuals break into the game industry. Currently Josh serves as an Advisor for NSLC and College of DuPage.
Josh speaks regularly about the game industry at dozens of schools such as ArtCenter, Tufts University, Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA, DePaul University, and countless others. His most recent industry talks were at GDC's Experimental Gameplay Workshop alongside Extra Credit's Game Jam. Be on the lookout for his future panels!
Get to know Josh from the people he's worked with over the years. To learn more, there are +25 recommendations available on LinkedIn.
Alex Seropian
Founder of Bungie, Wideload Games, Industrial Toys, and Look North World
"I met Josh and was immediately impressed by his self starter mentality and ability to 'get things done'. Josh is a joy to work with."
Michelle Estrada
Lead Producer of Battlefield Mobile
"Josh was a great asset demonstrating leadership and a commitment to the excellence of our game. His ability to connect with just about anyone made our studio a better and vibrant place."
CEO of Magic Potion Games
"What impressed me most about Josh was his willingness to go above and beyond. He was always willing to put in the extra effort to deliver the best possible outcome."
Christian Filip
CEO of Legion Studios
"Josh was an incredible producer and coworker to have on the team. He juggled a large workload with ease and was always great to have around. Couldn't recommend him enough."
Gregory Yepes
Lead Technical Artist of Epic Games
"Josh is self-motivated and always willing to find more ways to help the team. Josh is focused on business objectives and is able to keep a smile on his face. His passion is infectious!"
Ferdinand Fontanilla
Senior Animator of Skydance Media
"Josh always made sure goals were clearly laid out and communicated to all disciplines so the team could efficiently meet deadlines. Josh would be a great asset to any team."
Thank you!
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