Educational Highlights

National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC)
As the Program Director for NSLC, I created its multimillion dollar game design program at American University, University of Seattle, and UCLA. The game design program taught incoming undergraduates how to make games in Unity and partnered with studios like Microsoft, Amazon, EA, & various indie studios for industry activities. Currently I serve as an Program Advisor for the company.
College Of DuPage
At the age of 22, I became an Adjunct Faculty at College of DuPage and taught various game design courses, supported its game dev club, and managed the department's capstone. Currently I serve as a member of their Advisor Board.
Rose Valley Jam
During my time at Electronic Arts (EA), I founded an educational game jam where students in Pasadena developed games while mentored by industry professionals from EA. The program partnered with the Mayor of Pasadena and included EA game studios like Industrial Toys, DICE LA, & Respawn Entertainment.
DePaul University
I had the privilege to co-facilitate two classes at DePaul University as a student advisor for its New Student And Family Engagement department.  I developed weekly lectures, mentored incoming undergraduates, and developed educational initiatives for the department.
Hinsdale Central High School
At the age of 18, I co-founded a game design curriculum at Hinsdale Central High School. The learned the fundamentals of game design across a two semester curriculum and made games in Game Maker Studio 2.
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