Festivals & Conferences

Game Developers Conference (GDC)
Over the years I've coordinated workshops, assisted industry speakers, and managed sponsored events for the Game Developers Conference. Outside of that I presented the trophies at the Independent Games Festival & GDC Awards for the 23rd annual ceremony. Currently I'm on the jury for the Game Developers Choice Awards as a International Choice Awards Network (ICAN) Member.
Bit Bash Chicago
During my time in Midwest I helped organize the city's largest game festival, Bit Bash Chicago. I developed partnerships, curated the games to showcase, recruited volunteers, and designed the on site posters.
IGDA Chicago
I served as a Board Member of the International Game Developers Association and where I hosted events every month in Chicago. This ranges from workshops, panels, and sponsored game jams for game developers across the Midwest.
I've had the privilege sponsoring Shrekfest and helping promote the annual event. My most notable work for the event was creating various augmented reality social media filters for attendees to use.
In the past I helped with organizing MAGFest as its event innkeeper. I maintained the housing logistics for the festival’s event staff, sponsors, and special guests.
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