What is SK89?
SK89 was a game created for Game Jolt's DreamHack Atlanta 2018. Become the greatest dog skater out there. Challenge the clock, do some tricks, and bring home that sweet victory through SK89! This is a single player competitive experience for DreamHack Atlanta where the protagonist skates as a well determined heart of a cute Shiba. Avoid the high tide waves while skating around the "ruff" map. Though the protagonist is also a radical surfer, beware this is a skateboard competition! Show us what you got!

Tools Used: Unity 5, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Adobe Animate, Perforce, Discord, Google Drive
Development Timeline: January 2017 - July 2017
Team Members: Don Herweg (Programmer), Daniel Song (Technical Designer), Daniel Kim (Sound Designer)

What was my role?
● Overlooked the game design document, gameplay loop, and skating mechanics from concept to release
● Designed the logo, mocked up concept visual mood boards, and maintained the artistic vision across the team
● Illustrated the environment, developed sprite sheets, and implemented the art for the game
● Handled the schedule, tasks, and development milestones for the team
● Managed game festival submissions and showcase opportunities for the team​​​​​​​
My Artwork
Gameplay Video
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