I’m Josh Delson, an Assistant Producer at EA - Industrial Toys in Pasadena, CA. Here you'll find a variety of projects I managed from the past few years. If you'd like to discuss freelancing, a collaboration or any other exciting opportunities, please get in touch below!

I decided to pursue the game industry after my high school created a game design program after me in 2013. As a Chicago native I decided to study game design at DePaul University. Though I studied game design, I spent 90% of my college years in various leadership roles and volunteer organizations learning how to be a socially responsible leader. I used those skills to create the student game studio, Junior Development Experience (JDE), in 2016.
After graduating in 2017 I became an Adjunct Professor at College of DuPage and Game Artist at Vamped Games. During that time I published my first commercial game while being able to share my wisdom to my students. In 2018 I was asked to join the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) as their Program Director. Through that opportunity I created a summer game design program at UCLA, American University, AND University of Washington. I still spent my free time actively doing game jams, gaining industry mentorship, and working on side projects.
Starting in 2019 I was asked to showcase one of my games at altctrlGDC. Following that I became Board Member of IGDA Chicago, joined the Bit Bash Chicago team, and joined Electronic Arts (EA) as a remote Operations Specialist. In Chicago I helped organize monthly game developer events and even put together its largest game festival ever, Bit Bash at MSI. I used those experiences to create the Rose Valley Jam with EA - Industrial Toys where Pasadena high school students create games while being mentored by industry professionals. Though the year sounded super busy, I constantly pushed myself to grow.
Towards the end of that year one of my other side projects selected to be a part of GDC's Experimental Gameplay Workshop (EGW). Following that I was personally asked to join EA full time in California starting in 2020. Since then I've been expanding my knowledge of the game industry and growing everyday.

Thank you!
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