What Is Battlefield Mobile?
Battlefield Mobile is a first person shooter video game developed by Industrial Toys and in association with Electronic Arts (EA) for Android and iOS platforms. My role at the newly acquired studio was to get Battlefield Mobile greenlit and help the team positively grow. As the producer for the studio's Gameplay pod, Audio pod, Game Modes pod, Maps pod, Destruction pod, & Content Creation pod I helped build various features leading up to beta testing. I shipped 12 weapons, 10 gadgets, 2 tanks, 1 ATV, settings (gyro controls, dialogue system, audio occlusion, Dolby Atmos, reverb, & ambience), 2 HD classic maps, 3 custom original maps, real time destruction system, home screen, and cosmetics. Some tools I produced were a movement system that enabled the game to reuse animations from previous HD titles in the franchise and a map importing tool that enabled the studio to reuse previous maps from HD titles in the franchise.
Over the years I facilitated scrum ceremonies, maintained JIRA/Confluence documentation, unblocked studio cross-pod dependencies, developed roadmaps, overlooked outsourcing partnerships, managed budgets, facilitated weekly playtests, created user researched case studies, edited marketing videos, and prioritized backlogs for +40 developers (engineers, tech artists, designers, sound designers, UX designers, product managers, & studio leads). One thing I was really proud of was developing a partnership with Daniel Dae Kim and overlooking his recording sessions for the game. Outside of my role as producer, I also developed the studio's culture through weekly events which received GameIndustryBiz.com’s 2022 Health & Wellness Award.


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