Battlefield Mobile

Producer | 2019-2023

Battlefield Mobile was a game developed by Industrial Toys and Electronic Arts (EA). I joined as a producer, greenlit the project, and ramped up the studio from 25 people to 150 in a couple of years.  I overlooked development of new features in the combat pod, maps pod, destruction pod, game modes pod, audio pod, and content creation pod.
As the studio's gameplay producer I shipped the following features:
• Weapons (UMP45, F2000, LSAT, 338 Recon, PP2000, P226, & more)
• Vehicles (ATV, M1 Abrams, T-90, & Apache)
• Gadgets (AT Mine, C4, Claymore, Spotting Drone, SMAW, & more)
• Maps (Grand Bazaar, Noshahr Canals, Survey 6, & Trinity Mark)
• Destruction (Micro System, Macro System, & Levelution)
• Audio (Dialogue System, Dolby Atmos, Audio Occlusion, Reverb, & more) 
• Game Modes (Conquest, Team Death Match, & Rush)
• Loadouts (Attachments, Weapon Specialization, & Cosmetics)
• Settings (Gyro Controls)
I produced new features every 4-6 months by facilitating Scrum ceremonies for +40 developers. Outside of development I built the studio's culture which received GameIndustry.Biz's 2022 Health & Wellness Award.
Produced Weapons, Vehicles, & Gadgets
I released every playable weapon, vehicle, & gadget in the game. I worked hands on with the creative director and developed the combat pod's roadmap from vertical slice to worldwide launch. For every new gameplay feature I maintained the quality of its 3D assets, first/third person animations, visual effects, and sound effects in game. Over the years I improved the workflow by managing weekly playtests, prioritizing internal tools, and managing large scale case studies every few months.
Produced Maps & Destruction
I released the first playable maps with real time destruction in the game. During the early stages I worked with the lead level designer and art director to experiment on various map ideas with destruction. Once the studio had its first performant map on mobile, I worked with the maps and destruction pod to onboard vendors. I produced a Frostbite importing tool that enabled vendors to reuse HD classic maps onto mobile devices. While vendors worked on maps from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, I overlooked internal development on original studio maps.
Produced Audio & Game Modes
I released the all the audio and new modes for the game. With the audio director, I was in charge of getting audio working in the game and producing features like Dolby Atmos, ambience, audio occlusion, and reverb. I was also in charge of the game mode's Dialogue System selecting actor Daniel Dae Kim and overlooking the recording sessions for in-game announcer voices. Each playable map accommodated classic game modes including Conquest, Team Death Match, and Rush.
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