Game Tester | 2017

Bugsnax is an adventure video game developed and published by independent Chicago-based developer Young Horses.  I helped part time as a QA tester during the game's early development stages.
Over the game's early development I tested the the following features:
• Tools (SnaxScope, Snak Trap, Sauce Slinger, Bug Net, Buggy Ball, & more)
• Quests (Main Quests & Side Quests)
• First Time User Experience
I tested game builds every 3 months and once the project was in a presentable state I recruited focused groups for research sessions.
Playtesting The Tutorial
I tested the first tools and quests available in the game. During the early stages I helped find bugs for the prototyped tools and offered feedback to the onboarding experience. As a tester I spent most of my time finding bugs for every main quest that introduced a new tool to the game.
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