Producer, Designer, & Artist | 2016

FoolVille is an one of the first augmented reality games available on the Microsoft HoloLens. As the producer I overlooked the creative vision and released the game in two months.
During the game's development I was in charge of the following:
• UX Design (Headset Testing & Gameplay) 
• Artwork (2D Sprites, 3D Models, & Animations)
• Audio (Voice Recording & Spatial Audio Design)
I produced the game with an early version of the Microsoft HoloLens and created an augmented reality experience maximizing the device's potential.
Produced Augmented World
I created all of the artwork for the game and overlooked the voice recording. In order to produce the augmented reality environment I created a library of reusable assets for the engineers to prototype with.
Showcasing at IndieCade
I showcased the game at various game festivals across the United Stated including the famous IndieCade. As one of the first games for the Microsoft HoloLens I produced various demos that required no booth setup offering attendees a fun augmented reality experience.
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