What is Funk Unplugged?
Funk Unplugged was a Kickstarter 3D Platformer where players used musical powers to save the world! Ampy, an amplifier who has been in service for decades under some of the greatest rock legends of all time, finds himself put back to work when the G-Bots threaten to steal music away from everyone. Use and unlock Ampy’s abilities, like Double-Jump, Grapple, Transform, and more to traverse the world and save the day!

Tools Used: Unity 5, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Adobe Animate, GitHub, Slack, Google Drive
Development Timeline: July 2017 - May 2018
Team Members: Andre Gracias (Game Director), Dillon Wallace (Lead Designer), Pat Regan (Programmer), Alex Graner (Level Designer), Elliot Cox (Sound Designer), Matt Martin (Artist)​​​​​​​
What was my role?
● Had full ownership of the final world's artistic vision from paper concept to ship
● Designed, modeled and textures all the environment for each of the world's levels
● Worked hands on with the level designer in creating/implementing optimized assets to Unity
● Designed the logo and overlooked the graphic design for all marketing collateral
● Managed game festival submissions, travelling logistics, and showcase opportunities for the team
● Coordinated game festival playtest sessions to find bugs towards release
My Artwork
Gameplay Videos
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