Producer, Designer, & Artist | 2018-2019

OVERTIME is an alternative controller game developed by JDE Games in association with Extra Credits. I was the producer of the game that oversaw all aspects of development while also steering the creative vision.
During the the game's development I produced the the following:
• Artwork (2D Graphics, 3D Models, & Promotional Art)
• Gameplay Design (Physical Controller & Mini Games)
• Industry Partnerships (Musicians & Voice Actors)
I managed every player-facing aspect of the gameplay and the physical controller from concept to release.
Produced Gameplay & Controller
I designed every feature of the game and managed the creation of the alternative controller in partnership with the Idea Realization Labs (IRL). As the producer I defined the vision of the player experience and went through a dozen iterations of the basketball toy controller.
Produced Artwork
I crafted all artwork from concept sketches of the characters and environment to final renders in the game. After the gameplay visuals were completed I developed all of the marketing material from social media posts to festival promos.
Produced Voice Lines & Soundtrack
I recruited industry voice actors (Brandon Fague, Aryn Rozelle) and musicians (Marina City, UkeWithNix) to create a stellar audio experience for our game. As the producer I overlooked the script, recording, and post production to create an unforgettable audio experience for players.
Showcasing At GDC
I showcased the game at various game festivals across the United Stated including the famous Game Developers Conference (GDC). I was an official selection of the conference's alternative controller exhibit and a nominee for the Independent Games Festival (IGF).
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