What is Bit Bash at MSI?
Bit Bash at MSI (Museum of Science and Industries) is Chicago's Alternative Game Festival with the goal to promote games that either can’t be played at home, have unique controllers or experiences, or promote community or an artistic statement. Proceeds go to Bit Bash's fiscal sponsor Chicago Foundation for the Interactive Arts so they can host more rad events, and help them cover entry for kids under 13 and at-risk youth.
Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Slack, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Drive
Position Timeline: February 2019 - August 2019
What was my role?
● Mocked up and designed over 80 striking placards printed for the event
● Researched selected game to ensure the instructional placards match the correct button inputs
● Helped the curation selections through rounds of surveys and feedback
● Trained volunteers and facilitated on site activities during the event
● Outreached to sponsors and negotiate partnerships with local organizations
● Attended weekly check ins to ensure our event abides by MSI's policies​​​​​​​
Design Work
Event Photos
Event photos by Marvin Cespedes
"The crowd was a glorious mix of ages and demographics, with a smattering of high-profile talent from Chicago’s best indie developers."
- Charlie Hall, Polygon.com 
Event Videos
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