The Evanston Art Center is dedicated to fostering the appreciation and expression of the arts among diverse audiences by offering extensive and innovative instruction in broad areas of artistic endeavor through classes, exhibitions, interactive arts activities, and community outreach. Their goal is to be widely recognized as a dynamic art education and exhibition center that encourages freedom of artistic expression and enriches cultural life. To be the hub of artistic endeavors, a passionate advocate for the arts, and a valuable partner for arts initiatives.
At the center, I was in charge of teaching a week class about designing and programming games. As the lead instructor, I created an agenda that covers a few core concepts in game development. The program I chose was Scratch, a simple drag and drop software kids can use online. The class consisted of students with various of knowledge in Scratch which made my job adjust to their progress. The core concepts I covered in the class were Base Mechanics, Art Styles, Audio, Production with Scope, and One Liners. Each one used for a day of the week, fleshing out how the students in my class could use the ideas in their own games.
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